NC23: Naga Chaitanya’s Exciting Journey as a Fisherman Unfolds on the Big Screen

Naga Chaitanya has undoubtedly evolved as a mature actor, impressing audiences with his versatility in various film roles. His commendable performances have earned him a dedicated fan following. Recently, the actor has been working on an intriguing project centered around the life of a fisherman. Amidst the pre-production works of the untitled film (NC23), Naga Chaitanya, director Chandoo Mondeti, and producer Bunny Vasu visited K Matchilesam village in Gara Mandal, Srikakulam district, to meet the fishermen families. This visit aimed to understand their lifestyle and body language, enabling the actor to dive deeper into his character.

During this event, the team interacted with the media, where Naga Chaitanya revealed that Chandoo Mondeti had narrated the story to him six months ago, leaving him thrilled with the inspiring real-life incident. For two years, Chandoo Mondeti and Bunny Vasu have been devotedly working on this project. The story was initially conceived by a person named Karthik in 2018, who later shared it with Allu Aravind and Bunny Vasu. Subsequently, Chandoo Mondeti developed the script, and after two years of effort, it is now ready.

Producer Bunny Vasu expressed that the film’s pre-production work has recently commenced. The story revolves around an incident that took place in 2018 when villagers from Srikakulam sought employment in Gurajat and worked in fishing boats. Chandoo Mondeti was moved by the story and added a beautiful love angle to it, bringing a touch of realism. The team visited the location where the incident occurred to understand the essence of the story and its background.

With NC23, the excitement is palpable, and the audience eagerly anticipates its release on the big screen. The makers will soon announce more updates and details about this high-budget film, promising an enthralling cinematic experience.